Genesis Merger with RNS Solutions
2 min readSep 2, 2022

In August 2022, RNS Solutions announced its merger with the Thereafter, RNS Solutions acquired the innovative Zero Knowledge technology and Web 3.0 software development techniques.

RNS Solutions being a leading blockchain software development firm with core competencies in layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain, wallets (custodian and non custodian, web, mobile, chrome extensions, nano ledger), DAO, DeFi applications, NFTs (minting, marketplace, games) will now be part of Genesis Lab. Hence, if you want to get in touch with RNS Solutions, then please directly contact

The acquisition of another business is often perceived as the easiest venture for the management of a company. However, in the case of it was a very careful and fully calculated decision taken after weeks long planning and after developing a proper strategy so that no stakeholders of our business are affected in any possible way. In order to get the desired outcome, the whole team worked towards achieving a common goal and that goal was aimed for the betterment and for the best interest of all our stakeholders.

The way we have evolved over time shows our true competence and sovereignty because very few companies can manage such a tactical yet impactful amalgamation in such a short span of time. It is also evident from the fact that it was a friendly merger which was only possible under the conditions that the management of both companies see as the best way to improve the companies’ performance. That is why our team would also be expanding to facilitate further developments.

Since, ex RNS Solutions has been completely rebranded after merger with so now both the entities lie under the name of One of the advantages and outcome of this is the increase of the company’s customer base and the subsequent increase in the market share while maintaining the image of providing the finest block solutions in the entire market. In the end, it is worth noting that this merger could be successful only as a result of the successful negotiation process and unanimous agreement between the companies towards serving a common purpose which is expanding our network all over the globe and providing employment opportunities to millions of people.

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