Blockchain Events January 2020

~ America

As Blockchain has become the talk of the town for American IT industry, the world has seen America as the biggest host for Blockchain conferences and seminars since the last two years. January 2020 is starting the Blockchain year for America with following major events.

The North American Bitcoin Conference

North American Bitcoin Conference is not just about cryptocurrencies and financial markets, it’s about blockchain and its use cases for financial crypto-assets.

Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit

To give people more informative exposure to Blockchain and Artificial technology, Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit is a golden stage. Not only AI and Blockchain experts will attend the summit, but many industrialists and investors will be at the venue as well. This event is also giving the opportunity to startups for pitching their startups and compete.

2020 Block Talk Summit

2020 Block Talk Summit is an exclusive summit for Blockchain. Hosted by New Power Chain, this summit will provide in-depth analysis and insights on the blockchain applications and their future perspective.

~ Europe

In Europe, the acceptance for Blockchain is increasing as it is getting notable attention from its states and top companies as they believe that this technology can serve a larger variety of causes. European Union has also shown their keen interest in using the potential of Blockchain for transforming the lifestyle and use of technology. Year 2020 is starting with some significant Blockchain events in Europe as per following schedule:

Crypto Finance Conference

As Switzerland is very serious in regularizing Blockchain in its financial and banking sector, Crypto Finance Conference is going to be a very vital platform for answering a lot of questions regarding the credibility of Blockchain technology for the modern world.

European Blockchain Convention

In partnership with American Express, Everis, LaSalle, Erhardt and Perez-Llorca; European Blockchain Convention Barcelona is the leading Blockchain Conference for year 2020 in Spain. More than 600+ tech leaders, regulators, investors, corporations, developers and entrepreneurs from the Blockchain industry are gathering to attend this convention.

Geneva Blockchain Congress

The city of Geneva will host its Blockchain Congress. This event encompasses Blockchain technology scope and its viability for economic growth. This event’s agenda is based upon United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

~ Asia

Multiple reasons are behind the fact that Asia is the fastest growing region for Blockchain technology. Large number of population, more consumership and more opportunities for investment are some of the advantages that blockchain does have in its growth in Asia. Mainly, financial crypto assets have large acceptance in Asia as compared to the rest of the world. It is predicted that Asia will lead in Blockchain technology development as far as the Year 2020 is concerned.

The Genesis Block Conference 2020

As Asian continent is adopting blockchain technology in good pace around many countries of this region, most countries are eager to excel in this technology. India being one of the biggest markets for Asia holds a competitive position in Information technology and computer sciences and is turning its dimensions of software development towards blockchain. The Genesis block conference is a two day event exclusively for Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Smart Contracts.

Fintech & Blockchain Conference

Blockchain and Fintech are currently going hand in hand where other fields of social and economic world have also started participating in this marathon. Fintech & Blockchain Conference in Bangalore (India) also focuses on the uses of blockchain in financial technology to ensure security and transparency.

Unlock Blockchain 2020 Forum

Blockchain, DEFI, Fintech, StableCoins and Security Tokens are a part of the core agenda for Unlock Blockchain 2020 Forum. This anticipated event is hosted by Dubai where global entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain enthusiasts will participate.



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